Navaho dating practices

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The color prints are not completely enclosed where there is an opening that represents an entrance and exit.

The opening represents access to all foundations of life that the Mother Earth and the Father Universe provide.

He has to uphold his affection and compassion for his family.

The sprinkle of the com pollen from the south to north and back represents the expectation of the mother to uphold her roles and responsibilities like the father, but from and within the household for her family’s well-being.

(From the Navajo Common Law Project) The traditional Diné wedding is based on the mating of the young maiden, White Shell Woman, and the Sun God in the White World.

The following procedures of today’s wedding ceremony may vary depending on geographical location and customs are as follows: The traditional pot and the water used in the ceremony represent the Mother Earth containing grandmother and grandfather Holy Water of Life.

The circular com pollen sprinkle represents the new family’s journey on the footprints of life.

Carr, Spencer , and Woolley, 1939; Kluckhohn and Leighton, 1946, p. In addition to those represented in the community, only 14 additional clans are recognized by some Shonto informants.

It also reveals, from the center and outward, the comprehension of all bad and good things that happen in the process of the journey from the Dark to White World.

From outside and inward in the path of the sun and the shadow, it reveals the comprehension of all the blessings and harmonies provided by the Holy Spirit and the Holy People.

The gourd dipper represents the roots, growth, interweaving, and reseeding of life.

The water is poured on the hands for cleansing of certain wrongs that may have been committed and symbolizes the transition from individualism to a beginning of unity and sharing of the roles. The significant of the Diné traditional basket represents the creation.

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