New sex for mobile phone

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They also bring a dedicated Night Mode to the Camera app, letting you more easily capture low-light photos, as well as QR code scanning.

Galaxy S10 owners on T-Mo have been waiting for Night …

Now a report says that that lawsuit is affecting T-Mobile in another way.

T-Mobile says that the the current phones that are compatible with its e SIM offering include the i Phone XS, XS Max, and XR.

T-Mobile is amping up its Un-carrier 5.0 move with an updated Test Drive.

Starting today, anyone on a different carrier can sign up to receive a free Coolpad Surf mobile hotspot that they can to try out T-Mobile’s network for up to 30 days or 30GB of data usage. [read full article] Following a couple of teasers from Google, we may be getting a full look at the Pixel 4 in the flesh.

I’ve asked about support for other devices like the Pixel 3 and Pixel …

[read full article] It feels like it’s been a little while since T-Mobile made a new Un-carrier announcement, but that’s exactly what it’s giving us today.

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