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Give them a chance, and I’m sure the problem would be gone! I’ve been able to fix this problem so many times by following this trick. Simply touch and hold the app → when it starts jiggling, tap on the “X” button and then hit the Delete in the popup to confirm.#2. DNS server settings may be causing the issue if it’s not up to the mark. Update i OS On Your Device: Software Update often brings in tons of bug fixes and improvements.

The Simple Yet Effective Tricks to Resolve the Sluggish Loading of Facebook First off, give a try to the following three easy solutions that might get rid of the problem. Are you using a third party app to view your Facebook data? So, don’t forget to give a try to this ever-reliable solution when nothing seems to be working.

You are better off using the Safari browser to visit the website and log in there, as your battery life will benefit and you gain a few privacy perks.

First and foremost: Try and connect to any other website using your browser and try one or two apps that connect to the web, just to see whether your Facebook issues are actually caused by a different problem.

Every time, you launch the social networking app, it gets stuck and doesn’t seem to be getting through. Many of us have experienced the slow loading of Facebook at some point or the other. Open Settings app → Cellular → scroll down and ensure that the switch next to Facebook is ON.#7.

Luckily, there are a few workable solutions to fix the ill-functioning of the social networking app. The process of force restarting i Phone varies on different models. Some VPN (Virtual Private Network) may be rather sluggish while loading it. Disable VPN and check out if the social media app loads without it.#8.

Another easy method to fix intermittent Facebook issues is to bring up the Multitasking View on your i Phone by double-tapping the Home Button, then swiping up on the preview of your Facebook app to fully close the app.

This is especially helpful when the app is not responsive at all, or simply refuses to load any content despite you being connected to the internet. If restarting the app doesn’t work, the next step would be to restart your whole i Phone, or to be more precise, the operating system (i OS) of your mobile device.

Solution #1: Force quit the app and launch it again. In Chrome: Tap on the menu button → Settings → Privacy → Clear Browsing Data → Select the data type you want to get rid of → Hit the Clear Browsing Data. Tap on More tab in Facebook App → Help and Support → Report a Problem → Something isn’t Working → Now, you need to choose what’s not working for you and give a brief explanation about the issue and then send it. Have Your Say: Having been on the receiving end a few times, I can say that updating or reinstalling the app should get your job done in most cases.

Check out our solutions and you will probably resolve any Facebook issues you are currently having, when accessing the biggest social network on the planet.

There are a few different issues that could cause Facebook not working on i Phone, like loading issues with Facebook, the Facebook app froze, problem with your Wi Fi connection or your internet connection or just a pending Facebook app update.

Thanks I have the same problem - upgraded my i Phone4 to i OS6 and also upgraded to the latest version of the FB newsfeed isnt working (telling me "No stories to show").

My profile, notifications etc still work - just not the newsfeed. Also, other strange things like I cant preview my Shazam tagged music in the Shazam app unless I come off Wi Fi and use 3G!!

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