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Whenever they rehearsed at Chuck’s house—rehearsals that always included pot and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s—Kurt would watch from the corner, eyeing Warren like a starving man looking at a meatball sandwich.

One day Chuck asked Warren if he’d instruct the boy, and so began Kurt’s formal training in music.

From there Kurt stayed with Wendy’s brothers and sisters.

“Kurt was handed down from relative to relative,” recalled Jim. He got along better with his uncles and aunts than he did with his parents, yet authority issues followed him.

His uncles and aunts were less strict, yet in the more laid-back households there was less of an attempt at structured family togetherness.

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Combined with his own self-doubt from his fractured family and nomadic lifestyle, his retreat from the world continued.While he’d been popular in Monte—a preppy in his Izod shirts, a jock because of his involvement in sports—in Aberdeen he was an outsider.He kept up with his friends in Monte, but despite the fact that he saw his buddies nearly every weekend, his sense of loneliness increased.“Aberdeen was full of cliques,” observed Rick Miller, another Monte boy who transferred to Weatherwax. Even though Aberdeen was Hicksville compared to Seattle, it was still a major step up from Monte.We never could figure out where we fit in.” Changing schools as a sophomore would have been difficult for most well-adjusted teenagers; it was torturous for Kurt.

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