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” I nodded n she went to pimp sitting on reception and then she came to me and said “I will take to you room in next half hour” and she sat on my legs, ‘mera to abhi se khada hone lg gya’ (my dick making a near to 45 degree angle).

Famous bollywood songs like “kajrare kajrare tere kaale kaale nayna” (Your kohl-lined black eyes) were buzzing there, we also seen a room where ‘mujra’ was going and uncles were flooding money on the dancers.

We stand in front of ‘64’ after reading many building’s numerals.

” dallo aur jeb katro se sawdhan” (be aware of pick-pocketers and pimps) slogans painted on brothel’s walls.

I thought whether sex workers know any education except sex education. Tech final year, are you interested in my engineering grades/cgpa? She smiled and said “sahab jyada pade likhe jawaan bhi ane lg gye” (young educated fellows making their way to shitty brothels) stressing on word “jawaan” with index finger touching the space in between her upper & lower lip.

I thought, whether prostitutes have so much time to talk?

Now my heartbeat became normal and I started feeling good, my nerves in control but lil sweet adrenaline on its way.He lightly hold my hand, damn in surprise I rebuked and said “bhenke lode madrchod gand fad duga bhag yha se rndwe dalle” (fuck off!motherfucker or i will break your fucking ass) he took his steps backward while saying “dekhta hu” (you are on my radar). I was feeling excitation, frustration and also fear of cops but everyone told it is nearly a legal brothel and cops raids are just to control girls trafficking, and cops dont do anything to customers if you are 18 years old or above but i still have a fear and darsh was also completely screwed.I Lied to simmi that “I started loving you’’ she smiled but I said “I am serious”, she smiled and clicked my cheeks with her fingers and then started chattin’ with her mates then she went downstairs, I made a lie because if you behave good with sluts then they give you nice sex moments, in another nearly 15 minutes she was moving here and there, managing her customers for night, in between Darsh got screwed and he denied to fuck any. Simi came to me hold my hand and we went in a 6 X 3 room with ceiling fan in addition to exhaust fan running, tubelight glowing, seducing posters on old painted wall of Paris Hilton, Jolie, Rekha, Katrina and some half-naked porn stars.I thought why she is not turning the lights off, I had a fear of production of porn film but i didnt say anything as my brain not working up (I thought if my junior college guys downloading/exchanging/watching my sex clip on their laptop lol so crazy feelings). ” while removing her black plain Tshirt and same color denim jeans (she was looking like any dangereous gorgeous killer trying to be friendly, I remember the movie in which madonna stucks knife on her partner after handcuffing him with wooden bed’s pillar during sex).

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