Old guys dating young girls christmas present for guy dating

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) on their arms, it’s still kind of a mystery why so many females take up with old dudes.

According to Business Insider, evolutionary psychologists say that younger women and older men often get together because while fertility lasts only from puberty to menopause in women, it starts at puberty and can extend long into midlife for lots of men.

I know a lot of men who just want to find love and eventually settle down and have a family, I don't think these guys are neceseraly looking for someone younger. Whenever I see an older guy going for a younger girl, I always wonder if he could get a girl his age.

I'm 34, but a late bloomer that looks a lot younger. If the answer is no or probably not, then that's a no for me too.

More importantly is that younger women are less likely to want to settle down immediately, which aligns more with what I'm looking for in a relationship.

I'm not planning on getting married in 5 years, maybe not even 10, so if a 30 year old woman is looking to get married before she's 35, we're not going to be compatible. before my name and it's a medical one not a doctorate. The idea that I am dating a 23 year old who is impressed by my money is daft since I don't buy her anything.

I date women in their early 20s because that's what I find attractive. I wouldnt generalize, but ive seen it many times too. Head over to /r/relationships and choose almost any demographic and you'll find a reason why that demographic shouldn't date.

The flip side of course is, I feel like there's a lot more pressure with women my age. As I point out, there is only one large scale study of age gap relationships carried out by the UK Office of National Statistics over the entire population of 50 million for a period of over 50 years.

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Plus, a 2010 study by University of Dundee in Scotland found that as women become more financially independent, their tastes skew toward older—and better-looking—men.

Locally, I do not see that as much from people as they get closer to 30 and after. Guys who think I am dating a younger woman because she's young.

I focus heavily on my health and do not want to be around someone who is a bad influence on my gym habits. To be fair tho, I don't think it's the case for every guy. Girls who think she's dating me because I am rich. Head over to r/relationships and you'll find it filled with posts from girls in their 20s being emotionally abused / controlled by men in their 30s, or the man is super immature for their age and hence is looking for much younger women.

Im wondering if those things would contribute to men less likely to cheat or go look else where because they just scored a "young hot woman" . What are the pro's and con's from the men's perspective. *I should add that im not in any way judging these relationships. I have more in common with women who are 5 years younger than I, and my lifestyle and interests are such that I have an easier time meeting them.

Single women in their thirties are very often in a hurry to settle down and have kids, or have had kids already and don't go out much.

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