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You might use online chats and/or conferences in a learning sequence for many reasons.Some options include:* have scheduled, structured chat and conference sessions which address specific topics* have regular chat and conference sessions for problem solving, asking the teacher or trainer for help* allow learners to arrange chat sessions for dealing with teamwork issues and collaboration on assessment tasks and projects* invite a guest speaker to join the chat and conference room and have learners prepare by reading an article by the guest)* encourage learners to use chat and conference for socialisation and the development of a learning community.So, if someone marked you nerdy and geeky, your avatar would automatically be updated to a nerdy avatar (by use of machine learning algorithms),” says Shinja Singh, who has been designing their avatars and is studying engineering in mathematics and computing, but shares passion for design.

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Or do you want to create your own chat room for you and your friends? Also, you can take part in our huge discussion board.In online chat and conference sessions, participants are all online at the same time - real time (often called synchronous communication).The teachers can provide immediate feedback and advice for problem solving. Most systems allow for the chat and conference to be recorded and a transcript can then be placed on the web site for participants and others to read later.The company claims to be adding a new user every 90 seconds, while a new chat session starts every 20 seconds.Started from the dormitory of Gupta and Kumar, currently eight students are working on Zumbl.

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