Online dating service business plan bundle

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Consumers may find subscriptions convenient if they believe that they will buy a product on a regular basis and that they might save money.

This is in contrast to many one-time transactions, when customers are forced to make significant commitments through high software prices.

Additional benefits include a higher average customer lifetime value (ACLV) than that of nonrecurring business models, greater customer inertia and a more committed customer base as it transitions from purchase to opt-out decisions, and more potential for upselling and cross-selling other products or services.

Some software companies such as Adobe and Autodesk have moved from a perpetual licensing model to a subscription model, known as "software as a service." This move has significant implications for sales and customer support organizations.

Subscriptions which exist to support clubs and organizations call their subscribers "members" and they are given access to a group with similar interests.

An example might be the Computer Science Book Club.

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