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Gia is taken by Alex with the rocket dogs hanging on his back.

Without further ado, here are my detailed reviews of the top two dating sites in Africa. I was a long time member of while I was living in both Mauritius and South Africa and can tell you that it works.In the end, after bringing the blimp to the zoo, Gia swings her way to Alex just in time before he is killed by the poisonous dart that Du Bois shot to the lion, and she rescues him.Du Bois then pursues to kill Stefano to avenge Alex.Gia lets the Four on the circus train after a dazed Alex convinces her that they are circus animals.She is fooled into believing that Alex is a master circus performer and is falsely following the ways of "Trapeze Americano." When the circus falls into a rut, she doesn't show too much desperation, much like her father figure Vitaly.

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