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Would the civilized orcs become activists for the plight of the thug orcs, or would they become self-hating racists constantly disappointed by the negative attention their brutish brethren bring on themselves (and by extent the civilized ones)?True, there are some studios that have their own concerns, but even there, you're not seeing the sort of levels you'd like sometimes.When attractive fuckboys are so easy to get it becomes hard putting in the effort for seducing a properly orcy partner. That's why orc shamans emphasize the values of getting many children and maintaining a hostile relationship with humans.Even more so now that proper orc men can just go humaning if they don't find you engaging enough. Initially, (all) Orcs buy into the macho bullshit that's being advertised on every screen you can see.Basing humanoid culture and society on humans is because well, we're human, so it's a stepping-off point to understanding said culture. If you make a culture super-alien, you'll have people that think that's cool, but most people will balk at it and just pass it by, or do their own thing which may ruin the subject matter. CGI does work best when it's not noticed, and you don't notice crappy effects if the movie is good.The problem with CGI is overuse of it, and reliance on it to carry a movie instead of the writing.Integration into human culture is really bad for orcs.

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Would the thugs see the civilized ones as race traitors, who act "too human" and speak Common in a "human way"?

Everyone buys into the Charles Atlas fantasy a little more.

Music influenced by Orc folk tales (often performed by Orc bands) makes a huge splash in the rock and metal scenes.

It depends on how they actually are in terms of culture. The remainder of them are parts of cults of Gruumsh, and hate that their kinsmen have "sold out" and do everything from just be rebellious teenage Orc "gangs and thugs" to outright terrorism. They seem to mesh well enough in Bright, at least, though what I've seen I may have inadvertently made my Orcs similar to those.

If you're talking standard D&D Orcs, not very well. The first part is true, but [citation needed] on the second part.

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