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Sometimes, the Scheduling Assistant may refuse to provide you with information about an attendee’s availability.When this happens, cells will be filled with diagonally striped lines like the ones below: This issue can usually be fixed by following these steps: The command switch /Cleanfreebusy restores Free/Busy data.Under Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests, choose Outlook Autodiscover, and click Next.On the Outlook Autodiscover page, fill out the form, and click Perform Test when you’re finished.To solve this problem, it’s usually sufficient to refresh the locally cached Address Book.In Outlook, click on File, select Account Settings, and then choose Download Address Book.Just go to https://login.microsoftonline.com, provide the required credentials, and log in. The meeting is not present on the OWA calendar If the meeting is not present on the OWA calendar, the best thing you can do is contact your system administrator so they can check their Exchange Server data.The meeting is present on the OWA calendar In this case, the problem is likely with your Outlook software. Several users have noted the issue where Outlook Calendar will repeatedly send the same meeting invitation to attendees, even if they’ve already confirmed their times.

To prevent this, you can place Outlook in Offline Mode and select to send out the request.To place Outlook in Offline Mode; To place Outlook back on-line, just click the same option/button again.Note that in Outlook 2010, the Work Offline button always has the X in the icon; check its “press state” instead.Outlook calendar issues are quite common, and they can severely impact the operational efficiency of an organization if left unresolved.Indeed, meetings run everything for a company, from stock shipments to software implementations.

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