Paula deens son dating mixon

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it'd be perfect."There's been some speculation online as to whether Bobby prefers the s.Lots of people (166 so far) have expressed their opinion, but no real evidence to prove either side has surfaced.There are some women in this world who are totally bonkers and then there are other women who are double-bubble-bonkers. ) More research led me to find out that Katy (my wife's actual name by the by) is currently dating Paula Deen's son, Bobby Deen, who is not nearly as fat as you would think Paula's son should be.

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Very nice of Katy to pretend she's having a good time (she is an actress after all). It's likely she'd have pictures of both her sons (and their significant other if there was one) in this area. It seems odd that the editors would go to the trouble of blurring out a photo if there wasn't a truly significant reason to do so. Also, why is she TOTALLY DECKED OUT IN FISHING GEAR and he looks like he's dressed for a day of playing frisbee golf? Oh no wait this is a fish." Cam Neely's jersey retirement ceremony in Boston -- and the back of Paulina Neely who seems to be by far the hottest Neely in the history of Neelys. Ehhhh, nevermind, Paulina Neely's not quite as dope from the front. I MEAN, C'MON FOLKS, THAT'S A NICE BACK-OF-A-PERSON. Don't get me wrong, this is a terribly grainy photograph that makes her look like she just shaved her 'stache, but she's still not on Katy's bonkers-level.

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