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In addition, the physical test period is long and expensive; this hinders the development of the satellite industry.The finite element simulation technology can conduct a comprehensive dynamic analysis of a product and obtain its response under various conditions.Among them, honeycomb sandwich panels are widely used.They provide the advantages of high specific stiffness and specific strength and good heat insulation, vibration isolation, and impact resistance [3–7].The design of satellite structures is bound to be highly conservative.The finite element model updating technology of satellite structures was proposed to solve this problem.The low-order frequency errors in the simulation model are less than 5%, the high-order errors are less than 10%, and the modal confidence MAC values are above 0.8.

The modal analysis of a satellite sailboard finite element model is carried out to accurately investigate the response of a satellite sailboard in a complex loaded space environment through simulation.

In recent years, according to the method of resolving problems, a model updating method based on response surface analysis has been developed.

This method transforms a finite element model updating problem from an inverse problem to a direct problem.

Finite element modelling consists of numerous theoretical assumptions, model simplification, distortion of connection conditions, and other factors.

Additionally, satellite structures are extremely complex. Various components and auxiliary structures interact with each other, and different composite materials are widely used.

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