Pos dating sax parser not validating

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Given that the Po S hacking process only took roughly an hour to complete, it was easy for the hackers to remove a device and return it before businesses reopened the next day.

This particular case is believed to have been facilitated by bribing employees to allow access to the devices after business hours.

The scheme resulted in the theft of over million from unsuspecting consumers.

If the thieves are sophisticated enough, there is no need to physically remove the Po S terminals; malware can be installed during what appears to be a normal consumer transaction.

At the July 2012 Black Hat security conference, a researcher demonstrated how some terminals using a Linux-based operating system had a loophole that did not require firmware updates to be properly authenticated.

This allowed the researchers to use an adjusted credit card to install malware onto one terminal during a normal transaction.

Invest in the future of your business by hiring a reputable IT company to assess your system and identify your existing security risks.

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