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*/ ' de lute " t : report " tju iet 1 1 delate "t : tempi i st" quiet' say "Finished*" exit Process Files: answer*' ' do while (answar-="D r# & answer-="C") say "[D] elate files or [Clancel? 'empty ' then size"C teet=right (nainepath, 4) if (test= ' .bak' ) then do total eize=total size*size numbe renumber 1 call write In call close (out tile J /* Process the files if required */ tiay "Number of back- up files-'' number fiay 'Drive space taken up: * total size say if numbe r^O then call Process Files U /* All dons! l^r-T^T I'm V ^..v , ipnkn Itai Mni h 4n ms ■ if.ir*n». Of ytu have a hard drive i on your Amiga and you run a lot of application software, you will proba- bly soon find that you have collect- ed a large number of files ending in 'r . Jfc Anfc- Hfh H TV L^qk ttrri " MOMn-fhr Kjh tar.-. ■ John Kennedy n Masterclass Delete your old back-up files and reclaim megabytes of storage on your hard drive. GRN will also work both under UUCP as well as under Ami TCP The above programs {with the excep- tion of Amiga UUCP) can be found on all Aminet FTP sites and some are even found on CU Amiga Magazine's November CD-ROM. J C64 SENSATIONS i 1 7,99 REMEMBER THE GOOD OLD DAYS I his ■: li c Maun -ill ihc Vria,,t, m* v.* h^f ciri J«It J d Uiinu Lur |THI lim M im *cfre4. Surpniud J to

You may need a special Scart lead, but these are widely available as many camcorders pro- vide the same output signafs. J p.b vniiru i*t w*ri 4n nmintfoc ih* nkl dn« ur cm |Uti udl ihii ihr ! Examples of easy-to-use pro- grams are ADM ail/AO Man by Simon Brown, (the first is an E-Mail program, while the sec- ond is also a threaded news program) or GDMail by Steve Burton. It actually turns your Amiga into a Usenet node that just calls up your provider and quickly downloads any new mail/news as well as uploading any news/mail you have written. Most other authoring systems provide a special 'Pfayer' which can be freely distributed. Using a genlock such as the GVP model and authoring soft- ware such as Seals allows much more control (fading, colour effects and so on). ■ A- If you write it yourself in Blitz or AMOS or any other pro- gramming language, most certain- ly.

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