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Heavy duty spokes and BMX-styled fork for rugged riding. The Raleigh Colt GT-10 has a small frame 10-speed, equipped with the same carefully selected components as the full-size Rapide. The 17 1/2″ camel-back lugged frame with 26″ wheels allows for the wider variety of adjustments a growing rider needs. This model has the same specifications as the Colt GT-10, without derailleurs. Removable top tube allows conversion to boy’s or girl’s bicycle. Colors: Chinese Red, Chinese Blue, and Shiny Black. The Raleigh Zinger MX is the motocross styled hi-rise that’s perfect for 6-11 year old. Gives you the same smooth ride as the Beach Rambler, with super-chrome rims, cranks, and handlebars. The Raleigh Colt GT-3 is easy to maintain and simple to operate. For those riders who haven’t the need of 10-speeds, or for the young rider’s first dropped-bar bicycle. Reliable Sturmey-Archer 3-speed AW hub gear with trigger control.Our stockists are experts at dealing with issues and answering questions that come up and they can rely on our next day delivery service to make sure you have the products you need on time.If you have any other enquiries please call 01773 532691 to speak to one of our customer service team or use live chat / fill out the contact form on the bottom right hand side of this page. The Raleigh Touring 14 has every component specially selected for touring. The Raleigh Super Course is the top-of-the-line performance at a moderate price. The Raleigh Super Grand Prix has a wide range of frame sizes. The Raleigh Grand Sport has a easy-handling frame geometry. With a Sun Tour derailleur system featuring extra low gears for easy kill climbing. With convenient stem-mounted shift levers and extension hand brake levers. With convenient stem-mounted shift levers and extension had brake levers. The Raleigh Rapide is the female version of the Rapide 24. A high performance model for the weekend enthusiast. Equipped with light alloy components and comfortable, soft padded saddle. Including Raleigh Sun Tour derailleurs for easy-shifting. Lightweight alloy components including center-pull brakes, crank-set, hubs, and stem. Sturmey-Archer 3-speed AW hub fear with trigger control for easy shifting. Comfortable coil-sprung Brooks genuine leather saddle. Combines 10-speed versatility with 3-speed comfort. With Sun Tour gearing system that makes shifting easy.

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For that reason we recommend that your first stop for customer service or warranty questions should be with your local Raleigh store.

Color-coordinated saddle, cables, tape and toe clips. Lightweight double-butted seamless steel tubes, stays and fork blades.

The Raleigh Superbe has a Stylish, gold lacquer-coated chrome finish.

Built with a fully lugged frame for lightness and durability.

The Raleigh Zinger is a popularly priced hi-rise play bike.

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