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The judge ruled that the social network is not responsible for the content uploaded by its users.In November 2014, the head of The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, Maxim Ksenzov, said that Vkontakte will complete the process of legalization of the content at the beginning of 2015., meaning In Contact) is a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg.VK is available in numerous languages but it is especially used by Russian-speakers.At that time (November, 2014), negotiations between major labels companies and the social network Vkontakte were ongoing.Because the social network is the one most popular and highloaded sites in runet, its visits can be used to make DDo S attacks on smaller sites.VK performed DDOS attacks on certain sites, making users' browsers send multiple requests to the target site without their consent.

As with most social networks, the site's core functionality is based around private messaging and sharing photos, status updates and links with friends.VK also has tools for managing online communities and celebrity pages.The site allows its users to upload, search and stream media content, such as videos and music.Founder Pavel Durov launched VKontakte for beta testing in September 2006, shortly after his graduation from St Petersburg State University.The following month, the domain name was registered.

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    But individuals who frequent them say scams are pervasive., for instance, includes a disclaimer at the bottom of every onsite email between members, warning not to send money or provide credit card information to anyone you've met on the site.