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During these meetings the commissioners establish goals and priorities for KCDHH to follow in order to comply with the mandates set by the General Assembly.

These meetings are open to the public at accessible facilities.

iii The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) was established by appropriation from the Kentucky Legislature during the 1982 session.

Eleven Commissioners were designated to serve on the Commission.

To better serve you, we need and appreciate your participation and input at these meetings.

KCDHH acts as an advocate for deaf and hard of hearing persons on legislative issues as well as a consultant to the Governor, General Assembly and various state and local government agencies concerning policies and programs that pertain to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

This publication will be made available in an alternative format upon request.

The Commission shall cooperate with and assist local, state and federal governments, public and private agencies in the development of programs for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Any reproduction of this directory must acknowledge KCDHH as the source.

For a printed copy of the Directory of Services, please contact KCDHH.

This directory is updated and redistributed in odd-numbered years.

If you have any comments, additions, omissions, changes or corrections please notify our office immediately so that we may keep our Web site updated and current.

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