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Briana: And when they came back, everyone was confused. Is that the fact that whole incident happened within, like, 10 minutes, literally. Sarah, eight months pregnant, and her husband Andrew were expecting their first child. …the light turned on and I thought it was my husband … Sarah: I saw a man in, like, the entryway to my bedroom. Sarah: When he first came into the house he asked questions like … …I actually told him my credit card was in my car … Sarah: He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, a bandana over his face and his nose, and he had black motorcycle gloves on.

…There's no one who would've wanted to do that."Moments later Briana's roommate and his friends returned. Police and NCIS say Briana's instinct to flee most likely saved her from being raped. Briana: We had gotten word that there was another female that had just been admitted for also being attacked and was actually raped. …I went out there to find out exactly what had transpired as well. Sarah: And my husband got picked up for work, and I kinda just drifted back to sleep. And knows who's living there, when they leave, when they're gone. Sarah: That day, when it first happened, I remembered everything about him. Anthony Ramirez | Jacksonville Police Department: The description that she provided us for the suspect -- would play a significant role later on in our investigation. Still recovering in the hospital, Briana discovered fraudulent charges on her credit cards. helped us print out a sheet of exactly where he went, exactly what time, exactly what he bought with my credit cards.

Sarah: …when he put the gun up to my head and said he was gonna shoot me, that I took a chance that I was either gonna get shot or I could try and really defend myself. Department of Navy civilian personnel, and the dependents. I've always had a hard time sleeping when my husband's gone.

And I said, "We don't have much money." …And -- he said, "Well, it's payday." …he said, "Well, you can get it from a ATM." …And I said, "But my son's in the other room." And he said, "Well, you can leave him."Fearing for her son's life, Maryann did exactly what she was told.

Special Agent Heather Powers: If there's a crime involving a spouse or a dependent of a Navy or Marine Corps member, our job is to vigorously pursue the perpetrator … …so that the military member who is overseas fighting for our country doesn't have to worry about their spouse at home.

…I wanted to do everything that I could to be part of him bein' caught. Special Agent Heather Powers: The mission of Camp Lejeune is to prepare the Marines for war fighting capability so that they can then forward deploy in expeditionary environment, such as Afghanistan, Iraq. In July of 2011, Maryann and her 2-year-old son were counting down the days to her husband's homecoming. Maryann: So I was gonna go out back and smoke a cigarette.

Maryann: He told me to go into my son's room and hug him for dear life. Maryann: When I went there they just made me fill out a report. Jacksonville Police says "in no way did a detective set out to re-victimize the victim or to discount their recollection." The department says it "aggressively pursued the information Maryann provided."Hours after her assault, and still reeling from it, Maryann had to break the news to her husband in Afghanistan. We are not staying in this house." Over the next 14 months, there were a series of unsolved – and seemingly unrelated assaults. Briana still lives in the house where she was attacked.

When they got back to the house, the intruder followed Maryann inside. Once Maryann thought she was out of danger, she grabbed her son, drove to a friend's house and reported the assault to the Jacksonville Police Department. Maryann: He was just hurt that he couldn't be there to protect me. And then when we found out he was deploying again, I was like, "we are moving on base. The link that connected the cases together came when Briana Murphy was shaken awake by an intruder shortly after 1 a.m.

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