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If he can't text you during the light of day, just what is he hiding? It's hard to deal with this rejection, but the sooner the better so you don't waste more time on him.

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For example, a guy who’s making an effort to be with you won’t reserve his texts for the early hours of the morning when he can’t sleep and he’s bored – and selfish enough to expect you to chat to him when you’re getting your beauty sleep!

Not exactly what someone will do when he wants to be your boyfriend.

Being interested in someone means that you want to learn as much about them as you can. It's like he's got police tape around his thoughts and feelings to keep you out of them. Although you might think a guy who isn't interested in you wouldn't waste his time flirting so much, going overboard with the flirts can mean that he's just looking for a casual relationship or fling, instead of something real that's filled with an emotional and mental connection.

Another irritating texting habit of a guy who wants to be casual instead of committed is when he can't be serious for a second.

He might, for instance, send you funny GIFs or memes instead of talking about important topics. Although at first being around a fun-loving guy can be interesting and enjoyable, after a while, the jokes become stale.

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