The detailsview detailsview1 fired event itemupdating

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Now the problem is when I hit the update link, the data that i have edited was not updating at all. ------------------------------------------------- Protected Sub btnseacrh_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Ofcourse when I hit the edit link, Update and Cancel link will be visibled. Here, we will learn how to edit, update, delete record to Details View in ASP. If you click Cancel Button then Details View back to original Readonly mode.

Basically, I wanted to have a search button in my web site for the users. Connection String) Dim cmd As New Sql Command("Name of My Store Procedure is here", con) cmd. Then you won't write any code for updating, the Details View will pass the updated value to each parameter in Sql Data Source. Data Bind() End If End Sub ------------------------------------------------------------ What is wrong with my coding? For this kind of case I suggest you use Sql Data Source control to config the database access.I'm trying to insert or update data into a database from detailsview through coding. Without giving a datasource to details view, because it is very easy.

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