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I’m ashamed to admit that if he keeps this up, I’m probably going to have the fastest orgasm known to man. His lips leave mine and he makes a trail of kisses across my cheek and to the side of my neck as he grips my ass and moves me against him. Why the hell am I suddenly regretting all of the years I wasted with Alex when I could have had Griffin? ”Griffin laughs as he leans against the counter and folds his arms in front of him.“I’ll take that bet, and raise you twenty,” Paige replies.The tip of his tongue traces the edge of my earlobe before he tugs on it gently with his teeth.“Fuck, you taste good. My hands, which are still locked in a death grip in his hair, tighten hard enough to pull some strands out as I yank his head away from my neck and stare angrily in his eyes.“What did you just say? ”“Tell me you did not just say what I think you said! It better be Buffalo Wing Dip,” Dad tells me as he eyes the Crock-Pot in the crook of my arm.

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” my father asks with a smile as he quickly shovels in a few mouthfuls of dip.” Griffin asks as I turn and see him lounging against the doorway with a smile on his face.“Why are you here? “I thought you needed rescuing,” I say in a mocking voice, just like his the previous night. And I definitely don’t need you or any man to kiss me because he feels sorry for me.”I watch as the lightbulb finally clicks on and the humor in his eyes gets replaced by something fierce as he stalks toward me.”He pushes off the wall and walks over to me in the middle of the kitchen. I told him the other night about Alex being a deadbeat dad and then this morning, Alex suddenly shows up at my house with a shiner, wanting to spend time with the girls. Alex should want to spend time with his own daughters without needing his face rearranged to do it. I quickly move backward until I bump up against the counter and have nowhere else to go. You’re too much of a stubborn hard-ass to feel like less than you are around anyone.I set the Crock-Pot down at the far end of the table, out of his reach.“Did you put in an extra cup of cheddar cheese?” he asks, staring at the Crock-Pot instead of me.“I put in two extra cups of cheddar cheese.

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