Updating table with data from another table are kirstie alley and max dating

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The two tables (Accounts and Balance History) are joined by the Acct No field. Thanks in advance, Base Noob Hello @Base Noob It is not typical to duplicate information in a relational database.

Merge and update table from another one table with VLOOKUP Merge and update table from another one table with Kutools for Excel section. Click Next, select the key column you want to update based on. Click Next, check the column(s) you want to update. Click Next, check the column(s) you want to add from new table to the main table. Click Next, and set some options about main table, update data(You can ignore this if you do not need).

You’ve imported a table that contains updated prices for some of the records in a table in your database.

The data in all the other fields in the existing table is still correct.

SELDATE) B ON "Accounts"."Acct No" = B."Acct No" Thanks, Ratslinger for your quick response! I don't see, though, how this statement finds the most RECENT record to use to update the Accounts table. That's why I created a separate table to keep them in. I've posted a number of examples of this - here is one. You can basically do that with an SQL select - almost the one I presented. [closed] display count of records on report Connecting to Mariadb with Libreoffice Why I can't resize rows/columns in a table in Writer?

I mentioned that the Balance Date field in the Balance History table will determine which record will provide the balance for that Acct No. Have successfully updated records in one table from another using the balance in the latest dated record. No problem executing this SQL using the copy-and-paste-the-text method, but were you saying that this SQL statement could be executed with a macro? The Balance History is not what bothers me (although I have never heard a GOOD reason). Also there are too many things which can go wrong with the approach taken. How to change the default font in Libre Office Base Form Wizard?

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