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​ Now, let's be clear: This isn't a scenario where your partner is a virtual avatar who you pursue in lieu of a real human being.

Since becoming single again I have been on a couple of Dating websites for most of that time and have had a lot of successes and the same amount of failures. Failures on the other hand are rarely benchmarked at the date stage. Because actually getting to meet the guy is the problem. They want nice emails even texts but the problem starts when you actually want a conversation. He’s talking about the philosophical implications of VR — but the sentiment is much more broadly true than that.If there were a theme song for VR, that would be the chorus.First dates can be nerve-wracking experiences for anyone; questions abound about what you should do together, how you know when you've made a strong connection, and other anxiety-inducing topics.Thankfully, the future is here to step in and change all that: Meet The show, which was launched on Facebook on Tuesday, and created in conjunction with Condé Nast Entertainment, provides a look into the exciting possibilities to come for single people everywhere. Looking for something new to spice up the experience of meeting someone for the very first time? Instead of meeting up for a drink at your favorite bar, take your latest love interest to the moon and back.

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