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—which opened the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday evening—was one of the most challenging experiences of Cruz’s career, the Oscar-winning actress said Wednesday morning, even though she had her real-life husband on set as a support.Cruz plays a mother named Laura who returns to her small, Spanish hometown for a family wedding with her two children in tow.At one point, Maria Elena begins yelling at Juan Antonio.She is angry, her rage at least in part motivated by jealousy, but there is real concern, real tension, in the ways in which she leans toward and away from Bardem while questioning his interest in the American tourists.

They’re the kind of couple you watch on screen and think, “Wow. Cruz and Bardem have appeared in nine movies together, from the 1992 Spanish film , Bardem plays the drug lord Pablo Escobar, while Cruz plays Colombian journalist Virginia Vallejo.

“There are those scenes [in the film Javier opened up about dating his now-wife Penélope Photo: Getty Images “She has what I call the loving blood,” Javier explained.

Penélope has both.” The couple, who first met filming the 1992 romance movie costar, Johnny Depp.

In a perfect world, it would be a no-brainer that similarly gifted, decorated, and experienced actors receive identical compensation in spite of their gender.

Javier Bardem had to think twice about dating his now-wife Penélope Cruz because of her fiery personality. She has that feistiness,” the 48-year-old confessed in a new interview GQ UK. “With Johnny you can tell there is a very sensitive person there, a man who cares about people,” the dad-of-two said. Then there is the world outside the film studio, and I won’t comment on these things because I don’t know anything about them. An exemplary actor with a sense of comedic timing quite like no other.

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