Zorpia dating site Adult chat rooms without credit cards

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Zorpia is a social networking site functioning in the same way as Facebook.

Zorpia is available in two languages, English and surprisingly Chinese.

For some reason, she cannot talk on the phone, no video chat, and cannot accept cash. Sadly, there is no shortage of gullible people who will wire their life savings to these scammers. Your email address has been added to our block list from receiving any further Zorpia email.

If you report them, those profiles are taken off temporarily and then mysteriously they reappear within hours. A young lady will contact you and agree to a one night stand.

It has a customer base in the range of 31 million with about 2 million new users added every month. It is one of the few “social media network service” providers to receive permission to operate in China.

Zorpia is a platform where you can make and meet friends.

There is a suggestion that if you receive the ‘private message’, open it and scroll down to the bottom.

Click on ‘Block future invitations' and follow instructions. It is therefore not recommended to sign into Zorpia using your Facebook account or your main email address.

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